Barracuda Public Relations

The El Paso Streetcar Project is a lot more than just steel rails and electric wires. It’s an important component of El Paso’s urban renaissance and part of the city’s holistic, long-standing commitment to becoming the least automobile dependent city in the Southwest. While the long-term impact will be immeasurable, the near-term impact on businesses, residents and commuters will be significant and often inconvenient. The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority called upon Barracuda Public Relations to lead communication efforts for every aspect of constructing the $97 million, 4.8 mile project which traverses some of densest, more historic, and most engaged neighborhoods in El Paso.

Scope of Work

  • Created a unique, visually appealing identity which was carried through all printed materials, social media platforms, and other communication materials produced during two-year project.
  • Organized highly-targeted engagement opportunities for the community at-large, residents and businesses along the route, other local governments, large institutions, law enforcement, and emergency management.
  • Created a tiered approach to communication which ensured those interested felt meaningfully communicated with but not bombarded with unnecessary information, e.g., weekly newsletter emailed directly to subscribers, news releases at appropriate intervals, and direct outreach to impacted stakeholders.
  • Removed attendance, language, and technology adoption as barriers to engagement by going door-to-door and hand-delivering bilingual outreach materials in advance of high-impact closures and construction activity.
  • Designed t-shirts, buttons, window decals allowing members of the community to show their excitement and support for the project.
  • Results
    Barracuda Public Relations seamlessly integrated itself into the construction management team ensuring the community has an advocate at the table and that the construction management team has an able navigator trough the often-thorny field of high-impact construction. By creating an environment in which both sides communicate open and honestly from the outset, Barracuda Public Relations created an environment which allowed the construction team and the community to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.