Barracuda Public Relations

Creative Kids is a local arts non-profit organization received the 2013 President’s National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award at the White House for Project AIM, which is a 14-year-old program designed to provide pediatric oncology patients at Providence Children’s Hospital a psychological escape from trauma associated with medical treatment. Barracuda was chosen to represent them in our local market. As such, we worked with the White House to coordinate communication about this prestigious award. It meant working with our local media to set up and record stories that would be “embargoed” until the day the award was given and the White House issued the official release. It was an exciting project to work on and we got them major media coverage in all local media to include a few front page stories. We also arranged for city and county proclamations for Creative Kids and a live streaming viewing party at Providence Children’s Hospital, the venue where Project AIM originated.