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Local Representation for Franchises

Local Representation for Franchises

Alamo Drafthouse We love opening El Paso up to franchises and we did just that when we announced that the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to El Paso! Alamo opted for a Hollywood-style foundation ce...

Newsletters & Community Outreach

There’s nothing like hearing from the horse’s mouth. While an e-newsletter sounds archaic at times, it is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your stakeholders and your community. Barracuda is ...
Media Events

Media Events & Event Marketing

Bless Me, Ultima El Paso hadn’t seen a Hollywood style red carpet event since it’s cinema heyday in the 1940’s and Barracuda had the honor of bringing the magic of Hollywood back to El Paso. The Sun ...
Proactive Pitching & Press Releases

Proactive Pitching & Press Releases

There’s more to our clients than the advertising they pay for, and Barracuda loves to find those stories to pitch to our local media. Our clients in turn, use these ideas to turn them into mighty stories that r...
Social Media

Social Media & Web Copy

Your website and social media platforms are your digital front door. Barracuda Public Relations provides clients with polished content that is inviting, genuine, and increases your digital reach. Our team works...

Production & Casting

Being good at PR means being in the mix. Being in the mix means that you know everyone in this town. We put our inquisitive ways to good use when it comes to production, location scouting and casting for commer...